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Published Date: 01 September 2020

To install a new firmware version on a base station and/or handset, please follow the instructions provided in the firmware update guide.


  • After upgrading to version 450BXX or higher the rollback to version 410BXX or previous is not possible.
  • After uprading to version 500BXX or higher you need to update also any M5 Repeater you would like to use at least to 480B5.
  • please read the release notes carefully before upgrading

How to Update a DECT Device

  • Firmware update server address:
  • Required version: 501
  • Required branch: 01 (for the bases M900, M700 and M300)
  • Required branch: 02 (for the handsets M25, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90)

Binaries download

  • M900  SHA-256: 812b44a8fa3f598dcb6aeadbf1d78e5b9295268a40b00805213f5a40663aa33a
  • M700  SHA-256: f838c3a9d31a602ae202ffcf553c868d965093bb90bf0b6439368f52d80a83ca
  • M300  SHA-256: a45d55749b2f9ea181f2a5d73432121792f75fb3a19d841e6a67321006800a9b
  • M90    SHA-256: 3ae29b15ad68293170f68aae742b56a004b6317f029d2fb2fe32c521bfd46ece
  • M85    SHA-256: 632ea210b76fa603c902419418676589246c6516a06737aee63a986624dbe670
  • M80    SHA-256: 64015782c33006a89273f2e60ce44ee2cdeb62e15f610d13cda7a08c96685963
  • M70    SHA-256: 57bad5536b88e9b81c8cf61fe9782ded16a1ccef6aaa785f6d465c7963ea0c5e
  • M65    SHA-256: bbafa72777c99af1d7ba647c472e6b550e1b441fdc25a565dbea1b5cbb676ce7
  • M25    SHA-256: 798ae41c9caa8a588766f2c072c23f68bc749c9c22d487e451a442b850b9e91f