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Published Date: 25 September 2020

To install a new firmware version on a base station and/or handset, please follow the instructions provided in the firmware update guide.


  • With some PBXs (3CX, Yeastar, Placetel, FreePBX and FreeSWITCH as far as we are aware) this version is causing problems with handsets randomly not ringing and/or de-registering, please stick to your previous version in case you are using these systems. We are currently investigating this issue.
  • After upgrading to version 450BXX or higher the rollback to version 410BXX or previous is not possible.
  • After uprading to version 500BXX or higher you need to update also any M5 Repeater you would like to use at least to 480B5.
  • A direct update of the base station from V450BXX to V510B2 or higher is not possible, an intermediate update to V500B1 or V501B1 is required first.
  • please read the release notes carefully before upgrading

How to Update a DECT Device

  • Firmware update server address:
  • Required version: 510 (for the bases M900, M700 and M300)
  • Required version: 510 (for the handsets M25, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90)
  • Required version: 500 (for the headset A190)
  • Required branch: 02 (for the bases M900, M700 and M300)
  • Required branch: 02 (for the handsets M25, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90)
  • Required branch: 01 (for the headset A190) / Use: A190/VP_A190_v0490_b0001.fwu in A190 Updatefield.

Binaries download

  • M900  SHA-256: 446279293a11844181a64775258bb71da80209c134499a9563ae59d2ff86a5ae
  • M700  SHA-256: 39c00fcf78cf4a4ac2b15d2bb5597542d8b2bbc066c0cf485cd4977904a34c9c
  • M300  SHA-256: cab492addde7a5775b849f829fa71e6a058fbaabeb24e1263d5e9c868d0e5a85
  • M90    SHA-256: b5de4b019f424205d3bc333bd8533bd52b5dc82a4fa42e24d0ed745cdc32e848
  • M85    SHA-256: 1397f11d385644a1eed481cc9bd5fdb1f5eb95d1bcff1723d2d22cc16fa1783a
  • M80    SHA-256: e716054250d7a45f844f499843613e6b0d5c11e96fcb3ee38b6b6ee50cb98dc7
  • M70    SHA-256: dc9be1e81aebb81766ba1938753cabed7c5cefb34978080b712c1fec78ed767b
  • M65    SHA-256: 6159a332a8967b2a95b14246d56866565a1c9cb365fa0d987c04b940d141d23e
  • M25    SHA-256: 70a380985b97a8173bd01ad31fb6b4589296d8d88dcfa24e08e53131dbd3af88