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Published Date: 23 June 2021

To install a new firmware version on a base station and/or handset, please follow the instructions provided in the firmware update guide.


  • After upgrading to version 450BXX or higher, the rollback to version 410BXX or previous is not possible.
  • After upgrading to version 530B2  you need to update also any M5 Repeater to use at least to V530B2.
  • A direct update of the base station from V450BXX to V510B1 or higher is not possible, an intermediate update to V500B1 or V501B1 is required first.
  • A direct update of the M300 and M700 base station from V510BXX or earlier to V530B2 or higher is not possible, an intermediate update to V520B1 is required first.
  • Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading.
  • Please reboot the base station(s) before triggering the upgrade, to free up some memory and avoid any issues.

How to Update a DECT Device

  • Firmware update server address:
  • Required version: 530 (for the bases M900, M700 and M300)
  • Required version: 530 (for the handsets M25, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90)
  • Required version: 530 (for the headset A190)
  • Required branch: 02 (for the bases M900, M700 and M300)
  • Required branch: 02 (for the handsets M25, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90)
  • Required branch: 02 (for the headset A190) / Use: A190/VP_A190_v0530_b0002.fwu in A190 Updatefield.

Binaries download

  • M900  SHA-256: e1afe5649f2ddfd678455c826a8ebde00577be0edbaa616a04e60f55bfbb6a89
  • M700  SHA-256: 3d39c742607d30d79765ebde703328adb8397837e38cbf420c2d91437e8fbf82
  • M300  SHA-256: d0435bae384019480ad54862413c62da2025de733c9f462aabf331578caea59e
  • M90    SHA-256: a6bdf1bc04a6f19d3150c3d13b2569c2e2ac9fe6455df61127bffac0e155dbf3
  • M85    SHA-256: 5b554f47249ba51cd488288061aa8d9f8532f445b0f823b2bc5316938a323f7c
  • M80    SHA-256: eaa75f1fa1864cf12ace2358e16a84c10f0547e2813692842e550c02a5cbcb5e
  • M70    SHA-256: 2b3d3877fbb2097bb69c4ac21ee186095ab021064dc9045fce01f875b9ce49d0
  • M65    SHA-256: d27642105ea9716bb058d98df771aa8df7b877b8c513d86f54436c5a0d1863a7
  • M25    SHA-256: b9a5f3a55fa4b2b782692c0627caee1db7e36eba85d5e5ed3a08e7acd0e65ad5
  • A190   SHA-256: 6f8b88a8d936f1c031ca9e9500723ee05b6aee52164b3af79a77459980effa81