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Release Date: 20 April 2020

Important Notes

  • Please make sure you read ALL of the information below before installing the software on your device.
  • Please install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment.
  • We encourage you to read and follow our security advisories.

There was a change in firmware file naming, note the release date and this is after the initial 1.40.32 release


Changes since 1.40.32

New Features:

#6784: Add MAC address info to all SIP messages
#6002: Add support of local_ip variable in provisioinig URL
#5865: Make sending feature access code optional after SIP registration successful
#5863: Add provisioning directory import support
#7285: added new XML phonebook import/export to mimic VCS752 in addition to Snom XML

Improvements and Modifications:

#7307: Rejected call creates entry as Received call instead of Missed call
#6967: Deafult provisioning check_trusted_certificate disabled
#5469: Update SIP User Agent
#7314: Updated PUI support for username & password prompt


#6827: Fixed special URL control char cannot used in provisioning password
#6776: Fix responds with 403 Forbidden when receiving PNP NOTIFY from 3CX SBC
#6294: Network conference setup fix in 3CX
#6034: Always listen to PnP provisioning after boot
#5912: Fixed Dialed calls list stores PAI instead of dialed digits
#5880: Fixed 802.1X Authentification with VLAN does not work
#6469: fix no MOH with 3CX after far end put on hold
#7454: Fixed Reboot when press save after enter the login name and password for the provisioning server

Firmware Files

Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256-checksumDownload Link
C520-WiMi5300893 bytesA7E460001CE3C9C8119EDC898973EFE88EEC9ED40FAC986B561B89E5A5F437D4