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You want to open the door with your Snom phone and see who is at the door? This is no problem if your door intercom system has a camera with Motion Jpg and can be addressed via a network address. The details for configuring video streaming on a Snom phone can be found in this article: Video Streaming with Snom Phones - Motion-Jpeg.


  1. You go into the web interface of your Snom phone. There you go to the menu item → "Phone book".

  2. Enter the extension number of your doorbell in the Number field.

  3. Change the number type to "Extension".

  4. Enter the IP address with the corresponding script for Action-Url, e.g.

    It should look like this now.

  5. Click on "Add/Edit".

After saving, the input window clears and a phone book entry appears in the list above.

To add further entries, proceed from the beginning.