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It isn't always possible to completely control who has physical access to a phone, and often individual devices are located in shared areas where they can be accessed by anyone, here a stranger could therefore make phone calls at the company's expense or access confidential data (address book, XML applications, etc.). 

The key lock feature can be used, in different ways depending on what's required, for these phones

Simple key lock

If the parameter enable_keyboard_lock is enabled, and it is by default, you can lock the keyboard manually by simply holding down the * key for about 5 seconds



After the keyboard is locked, press any key to unlock it, you will be asked for a simple confirmation 

In this simple way, the phone is immediately unlocked when the OK button is pressed and you can use the device as usual

Key lock with PIN 

For the D1xx, D3xx and D7xx series, using the parameter keyboard_lock_pw, you can also configure a PIN that must be entered when unlocking the device: when the device is locked and you try to unlock it, it will require the PIN after the confirmation

When working with the D8xx series you also need to enable the parameter keyboard_lock_pw_enable before setting the keyboard_lock_pw, these two parameters together will also prompt you to insert a PIN when trying to unlock the phone

Automatic lock after time

It is also possible to lock the phone automatically by configuring a keyboard_lock_timeout, this parameter defines the time of inactivity (in seconds) after which the phone will automatically locks

Lock remotely

A procedure that locks devices remotely can be used via an HTTP(s) request, basically remotely setting the parameter keyboard_lock to "on" 

The HTTP request would look something like http://phone_IP/dummy.htm?settings=save&keyboard_lock=on

In the same and opposite way it's possible to unlock the phones remotely, by setting keyboard_lock to "off" with a similar HTTP request

Please notice that unlocking phones remotely doesn't require a PIN in any case, even if it was set with keyboard_lock_pw, so to avoid any issues you can set HTTP credentials on the phone so that they need to be used in the HTTP remote request

If you set the HTTP credentials http_user and http_pass, the HTTP request should look like the one below, so nobody can control the phones remotely without these credentials


Supported Models

Remotely lock function is available only on D1xx, D3xx and D7xx series. Not supported on D8xx

Emergency call

In any situation, even a locked phone can be used to make an emergency call, and there is a way to control towards which numbers the phone is allowed to make calls while locked

Using the keyboard_lock_emergency parameters you can allow calls towards some specific emergency numbers, which can be dialled without the need to unlock the phone