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Company Profile

Metaswitch is the world’s leading network software provider, powering the transition of communication networks into a cloud-based, software-centric, all-IP future. We serve more than 1,000 network operators and suppliers around the world.

Products & Services

Metaswitch’s Consumer Communications solution provides network operators with the applications they need to keep customers happy and deliver innovative new services with feature-rich, high-quality communications for the whole family, on any device, across any broadband network.

Metaswitch Business Communications allows network operators to quickly and reliably deliver a feature-rich, high-quality, secure communications solution for enterprises of all sizes, across any broadband infrastructure.

The Metaswitch Cloud Network Virtualization solution encompasses a suite of atomized control plane components, complete products and entire reference architectures that enable equipment providers, operators and enterprises to deliver evolutionary software defined networks (SDN) and dynamic compute environments supporting all manner of data processing and network functions virtualization (NFV).

Integration with Snom

For many years, Snom has been a Metaswitch technology partner, certifying its phones through their Mosaic Partner Program for interoperability. This partner program provides a framework for third party vendors to ensure solutions are 100% interoperable and integrated with Metaswitch VoIP platforms. To achieve certification, every Snom phone has to pass a rigorous set of interoperability tests, encompassing basic functionality, advanced calling features, scalability and reliability.

D1XX SeriesD120

D3XX Series



D7XX SeriesD710D712D713D715D717D725D735D745D765D785


DECT Workplace Mobility

Expansion modules
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Latest Official
Endpoint packs:

Endpoint PackVersionSupported devicesDocumentationDownload
Snom D7x55D120, D712, D713, D715, D717, D725, D735, D745, D765, D785 (Exp: D7, D7C)Download PDFDownload link
Snom D3x54D305, D315, D345, D375, D385Download PDFDownload link
Snom MxxxSC and Cxxx4M110SC, M100KLE, M200SC, M400SC, C520, C620Download PDFDownload link
Snom Mxxx2M300, M700, M900Download PDFDownload link

Older official

Endpoint packs:

Endpoint PackVersionSupported devicesDocumentationDownload
Snom D7x54D120, D712, D715, D717, D725, D735, D745, D765, D785Download PDFDownload link

Snom Mxxx1M300, M700, M900Download PDFDownload link

Snom MxxxSC
and Cxxx
3M200SC, M400SC, C520, C620, M100KLEDownload PDFDownload link
Snom MxxxSC
and Cxxx
2M200SC, M400SC, C520, C620, M100KLEDownload PDFDownload link
Snom MxxxSC
and Cxxx
1M200SC, M400SC, C520Download PDFDownload link

Latest Beta
Endpoint packs:

Beta packages

Beta endpoint packs are tested internally and not officially by Metaswitch. Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions in our helpdesk platform

Endpoint PackVersionSupported modelsDocumentationDownload
Snom Mxxx3M300, M400, M700, M900
M25, M30, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90, A190, M5
in progressDownload Link (Beta)
Snom D3x55D305, D315, D335, D345, D375, D385, D3In progressDownload Link (Beta)