What are XML Definitions

Some phone buttons can be defined using an XML definition. An XML definition is a ruleset (defined trough an XML syntax) specifying a particular setting behavior.

For example you can customize key leds colors and behavior, actions taken during a key pressure (and the key release too), also you can instruct the phone to subscribe a SIP resource and then parse the XML body received into the in-dialog NOTIFY. The XML definition can setup various states and the phone can react to state changes and/or take action in different states.

How to configure an XML Definition on a phone key

In order to configure a key with an XML definition, click on Function Keys and configure the following:

Type: XML Definition
Number: copy and paste the text of your XML definition, then Save


The XML Definitions Tutorial guides you through several examples of XML definitions in order to understand how these work.


The XML Definitions Syntax contains details about the structure, tags and variables that can be used in an XML Definition.