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XML Configuration

<answer_after_policy perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</answer_after_policy>


Incoming intercom-calls - (i.e. those that use the Alert-Info SIP header, see intercom) do not ring but go directly to connected. That is if the situation and this setting allow it.

  • off - will disable auto-connect
  • always - will enable auto-connect without restrictions (if there is already an active call, call_waiting needs to be enabled)
  • idle - will allow auto-connect only when phone is in idle-screen
  • not_busy - will allow auto-connect except for when the user is in an active call, i.e. holding a call will allow for intercom-interuptions, while any call in one of the following states will disable auto-connect: ringing, calling, connected, being held by the other call-partner.

Valid Values

  • <off>
  • <idle>
  • <always>
  • <not_busy> (since /

Default Value

  • always
  • from 7.1.39 = off
  • on snom PA1+ = off