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XML Configuration

<provisioning_order perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</provisioning_order>


One can determine what provisioning types in which order the phone is attempting from these given provisioning types: redirectionpnpdhcptr69. With the key words stop or proceed after the specific provisioning type, one is specifying what to do after the respective step:
key word: *stop - after the respective provisioning type was finished successfully, the provisioning process is stopped. If the provisioning type fails, the provisioning process continues to the next type.
key word: *proceed - the provisioning process always continues after the respective provisioning type, even if the provisioning type was successful.
The provisioning type redirection is taken as successfully finished if a different setting server has been accessed successfully. The other types are taken as successfully finished if arbitrary URLs have been accessed with success regardless whether it lead to a different setting server or not.
When the value of this setting is changed, the phone immediately restarts the provisioning process using the new order.

     Value: redirection:stop pnp:stop tr69:stop
     Description: Always the redirection service will be accessed first regardless of what PNP has delivered before. 
                  If redirection fails PNP and/or TR69 will be used for provisioning in this order.
                  In this case the DHCP request is still made, but provided redirection server information is ignored.

Valid Values

redirection:stop/proceed pnp:stop/proceed dhcp:stop/proceed tr69:stop/proceed

Default Value

redirection:stop pnp:stop dhcp:stop tr69:stop

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