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Web User Interface 

Advanced - QoS/Security (Tab) - USB Storage(Section): Allow Syslog Trace

Phone User Interface 



XML Configuration

<usb_storage_syslog perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</usb_storage_syslog>


The setting enables that a log trace of the phone can be logged on a USB storage. This is an administrator feature which allows to track all kind of issue connected with the phone or the network traffic or SIP signalling. The file holds the regular log which can also be seen on the web interface. But the log on the USB storage is only limited by the size of the storage. The log is continuous. So it is possible to capture events which happen rarely. In order to start the logging the USB storage should hold the file syslog.flg in the root directory. So a log is not automatically saved to every USB storage that is plugged in. The setting must be on and a USB storage with the flag file syslog.flg must be inserted to start the log. We recommend that the file on the USB storage is encrypted by also setting usb_storage_passphrase. Encrypting the file is highly recommended, otherwise everyone could unplug the USB storage an analyse the data. The feature is available on all 7xx and 8xx phones with a USB port and MeetingPoint.

Starting from the loglevel can be set via an additional file syslog.lvl. It should contain a single byte with the ascii code of the desired loglevel.

Valid Values

<on>, <off>

Default Value