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how can i login as admin in the web-interface? And how do i see, if i am logged in as admin?


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  1. Hello, 

    Snom phones can be operated in administrator or user mode. In administrator mode, all settings are

    accessible and can be modified; in user mode, a number of settings are not accessible. The factory

    default is administrator mode.

    When the phone is running in user mode, the administrator password is required to switch to

    administrator mode. The default administrator password is 0000 (4 x zero). We recommend that you

    change the password for security reasons.

    Note: Do not forget to write the new password down and store it in a safe place; without

    it, a TFTP reset to factory values is necessary to return the phone to administrator mode.

    If your phone is administered centrally, user mode may be the rule. Please check with

    your administrator.

    please see more at page 39 on the D785 manual:

    Best regards

    Sidaty Khalihina