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I'm trying to setup auto answer on a D335 and D717.

I've setup the phones with auto answer, it works perfectly. However, I've also enabled the auto answer indication, but it seems to have absolutely no effect. No matter if I leave the indocation tone field empty, or paste some of the sample values from the documentation. No indication is played prior to connecting the call, or after answering.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the feature broken?


Chano Andersen

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry but I do not understand completely what you are trying to set here, is it this parameter?


    If so as you can see in the Service page, there are no specific values to be set if not "on" or "off": please try and set this to "on", making sure you're on the latest firmware, as we have no other reporting issues on this feature.

    Thank you

  2. Silver Partner Chano Andersen

    That is the primary parameter, that enables the tone, just enabling that one, does not appear to do anything on the D335. 

    The other one I tried changing is this one: 


    Didn't do a difference. 

    Speaking of that parameter, it's actually available in the web interface, however, the documentation suggests it's not. 

  3. Hi,

    Are you working with our latest firmware Release?

    If so, how is the call incoming into the phone, is it a multicast/intercom or a direct SIP call?

    Could you please send us the XML version of the three parameters involved here, the auto_connect indication ones and the auto answer you've sent?

    You should be able to download the XML configuration file from the Settings section of the web interface, and when you open it please copy and paste those three lines only here.

    I will report the wrong information about the parameters not on the WUI to our documentation team, thank you about that.

    Thank you

  4. Silver Partner Chano Andersen

    The calls are regular SIP calls, from an Asterisk server. No special headers are set to trigger the auto answer. I do a lot of test calls, and as such having the phones auto dial when off hook, and auto answer is really a timesaver.
    As such the problem is not big for me, but without the tone, it's possible to monitor rooms stealthly.

    Current firmware version is: snomD335-SIP
    The 3 lines from the configuration

    <auto_connect_indication perm="">on</auto_connect_indication>
    <auto_connect_indication_tone perm=""></auto_connect_indication_tone>
    <user_auto_connect idx="1" perm="RW">on</user_auto_connect>

  5. Hi,

    I am testing a D335 with the same parameters as you, and I can hear a tone when the call is automatically being answered on the phone.

    When using some parameters for auto_connect_indication_tone I can still hear a tone, different, if I use valid parameters.

    If I set it wrong, I cannot hear anything actually.

    If this is still an issue please raise this with your reseller as we'll need a private ticket to investigate with some traces we cannot share here on our Community.

    Thank you

  6. Silver Partner Chano Andersen

    Come to think of it, I've not tried to factory reset the phone. I'll try that, and see if the issue is resolved. Thanks.