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Im trying to downgrade one of our installation made of M900 antennas. Their actual firmware is 650B2 and i willing to downgrade them back to 530B2, but it's not working.

I've been trying with the master of a clusters, differents antenna that are outside of multi-cell, desactivated my firewall, changed my network, tried differents switch, but still nothing works (even when im trying to upgrade one that is in 530B2 to 650B2 it wont work).

3 weeks ago one of my collegues did downgrade one of our installation and it worked fine.

Is there any suggestions that could help ?

(im putting in "update server address" ; 530 in "required version" ; 02 in "required branch")

PS: the reason we decided to downgrade is because with the 650B2 our client had somes problems, but with 530B2 firmware everything works fine.

Thank you !


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  1. Hi, we have had some issues with the firmware download server for the past few days. I advise you to try again, or do the operation via local network: How to update M300,M700,M900 and handsets via Network

  2. End user Arthur Bachelot


    What kinds of problems does your customer have with the 650B2?
    Personally since I discovered updates via tftp, I only use that! it goes much faster!

    1. Hello,

      Bad sounds quality.

      Since we downgraded back to 530B2 everything is fine.