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I've purchased a Snom D715 on eBay but it appears to be resetting and pulling a config from SRAPS.

I've tried to create my own SRAPS accounts and de-register the MAC address but I don't think I can do that because it's linked to someone else's account.

I emailed last week but haven't had a reply and I still can't use my phone properly (I'm currently using a firewall rule to block the phone from accessing ( but this isn't ideal in the long run!) 

Could anyone here de-register my phone's MAC address please?  It's 0004137F84F5 (photo attached)




Alexander Mann

End user

Joined: 28.07.2023


  1. Hi,

    I've removed the phone from SRAPS, please notice that in the future you would need to create a private ticket which you can do if you are a Snom partner, if not please get in contact with our sales team and they can point you towards a partner (Sales)

    Also please notice that emailing us won't open a ticket and we don't receive any notifications, you can only create a ticket by logging into our portal.

    Thank you

  2. End user Alexander Mann

    Many thanks!