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I'm having trouble updating our office D715s.
I'm on snom715-SIP version By loading the correct link found in the service hub on the SNOM website on the fw update page (example I receive this error from the phone (photo attached).

Trying with an even newer version I get the same error. Tested with two different phones.



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  1. Hi,

    Please try and jump straight to our latest firmware as you can find below Release

    If that doesn't work we may need some more logs, if you are a Snom partner please raise a ticket instead of a Community thread, or ask your Snom reseller to do so for you.

    Thank you

  2. Hello 

    As i was right, all Firmware Links was converted to HTTPS - maybe this can fix your Problem. 

    Best regards

    Stefan Reisenhofer

  3. Registered Partner TSNT 3ESSE

    Thanks everyone, I solved it with the link shared by Gianmaria. The phones now update correctly.