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DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

With this server service, network clients can be automatically provided with IP addresses and all other important information of interest for network configuration from a central location.
In addition to an IP address, the standard gateway and at least one DNS server are usually transmitted.

Die wichtigsten Optionen dabei sind:

  • 003 Router (Standardgateway)

  • 006 DNS-Server

  • 015 DNS-Domänenname

  • 066 TFTP Server Name

  • 067 Boot File Name

DHCP Request Process:

  • 1. DHCP-DISCOVER-Message (with its MAC address) as network broadcast - PC asks: Is there a DHCP server somewhere in the network?

  • 2.DHCP-OFFER-DHCP server responds: Yes, I am a DHCP server and can give you the IP address

  • 3. DHCP-REQUEST – I take an IP address from you.

  • 4.DHCP-Knowledge-Message (DHCP-ACK) – DHCP server reports: O.K., You get the address with the following options...