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At the moment compatible devices with Microsoft Teams via SIP gateway are as follows:

DevicesCertification Status
D735check mark button 
D717check mark button 

How to configure Snom desktop devices

Please follow MS Teams guidelines to setup correctly your environment.

If automatic provisioning mode is used (e.g. via DHCP option), devices will automatically be ready for the Onboarding with the Log-In button.


A firmware update may be performed automatically to align devices with the certified release. Please do not disconnect power during this process.


You can also use SRAPS (Secure Redirection And Provisioning Service) for hands-free provisioning.

In order to use SRAPS, you need an account on the platform.

  1.  Create a provisioning profile for your MS Teams provisioning address 

  2. Add the URL of the provisioning server as value for the parameter Setting Server (setting_server):

  3. Add your MAC address and assign it the MS Teams provisioning profile

For more info about SRAPS please consult the documentation.

Manual provisioning

If you prefer to do a manual provisioning, you need to configure the URL of the provisioning server on the web user interface of the phone.

Getting the phone IP address

To access the phone web UI you need to know the IP address of the device, you can get it pressing the Settings → Information → System Info.


At the first boot the Snom phone will may ask for some basic settings like language, timezone and tone scheme. You can either choose the proper value or skip the wizard keeping pressed the CANCEL button

Configure provisioning URL

You can manually configure the provisioning URL via the phone web UI setting into the setting_server field (Advanced → Update → Setting URL)

Click then Apply and Reboot buttons.

At the end of the provisioning process, regardless of the provisioning method, your phone is ready to perform the onboarding:

Press Sign In button and follow the instructions