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The M5 Snom DECT repeater can be registered with any of the M-series base stations (M300, M700 and M900) using the base's web interface and following the procedure descibed at "How to register an M5 repeater to a base station", with an eye onto "Adding M5 repeaters in a multicell environment" if working with a multicell system.

Sometimes you may need to reset the repeater, and since it has no reset button, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Plug it out (remove the power to the M5)

  2. Plug it back in for 1 to 5 second

  3. Plug it out again

  4. Plug it back in for 25 to 35 seconds

  5. Plug it out again

This way, when you plug it in after the whole procedure, the M5 has been reset to factory defaults and it can be re-connected to a new base station using the standard procedure.