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I bought a couple of D735 for our company that connect to an Asterisk-based PBX (Issabel). I'd like to offer my colleagues a phone directory that is served by a central server so that I can make changes without having to roll them out manually. I saw in the wiki that there are multiple solutions mentioned and it seems the XML directory would be the way to go but I cannot really figure out how to create it. Is there a tutorial that shows how to do it? Maybe even a tool that allows easy editing of the phone book so I don't have to write the XML myself?





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  1. Hi,

    Our deskphones support different kinds of directories as shown at the page Phone directories

    All the details about the XML one are here SnomIPPhoneDirectory (deprecated)

    If you need further investigation please notice that we can only provide that via ticket to our Snom partners: if you are one please raise a ticket, if not please contact your Snom reseller and ask them to do so for you.

    If you do not have a Snom partner please contact our sales team as they can help you to look for one

    Thank you