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Snom Hospitality SIP Phone Administration Tool is a client-based application used for the on-premise administration of all the Snom Hospitality phones in the same network.

The application delivers the following capabilities regarding the Hospitality phones:

  • Detect all phones in the same network / subnet
  • Manage all phones in terms of configuration, bulk upgrade for phones and corresponding DECT handsets
  • Monitoring all phones - the ability to scan the network both manually and through a scheduled time to monitor the phones in the network
  • Bulk change of Admin password - the ability to apply bulk password change to all the phones across the network.
  • Bulk generation of configuration files

Following Phone Models are supported by the Admin Tool:

Supported Operating System and version

  • Windows XP/7/10 with up-to-date service packs
  • Windows Server 2016 - with specific system registry entries
  • RAM: 8G (minimum); 16G (optimal)
  • Disk: 32G (minimum); 64G (optimal)

More details and usage description

  • The corresponding Snom Hospitality SIP Phone Administration Tool Administrator Guide is covering everything you need to know about the tool and its usage.
  • Please make sure that you always use the guide version published correspondingly to the Administration Tool version.

Download Link and corresponding guide:

Tool VersionFile SizeSHA256-checksumDownload LinkGuide VersionDownload Link
V 4.3.51,56 MB624a566dc7a0d6ab0b01ef95f4553aa0767f649f24825f24b5c2e8a8ac477277Snom_Hospitality_SIP_Phone_Administration_Tool_v4.3.5.exeV 1.02Snom_Hospitality_SIP_Phone_Administration_Tool_Administrator_Guide_v1.02.pdf