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Initial Firmware Version

XML Configuration

<status_msgs_to_pop_up perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</status_msgs_to_pop_up>



Lists all statuses that should pop up (full screen) they are active. The list is prioritized, the first active status will pop-up depending on the pop-up parameters (see valid values below)

Valid Values

Space separated list of: <statusmessage>:<pop up time in s>

The available status messages that can be set are described here: Phone Status Messages

The popup time is optional. The available pop up times are:

  • 0 < - full screen as long as the status is enabled
  • 0 - can be confirmed by any key
  • > 0 - will be shown full screen for the given time in s and closed automatically

Default Value

  • PhoneProvisioningStarting
  • PhoneProvisioningInProgress
  • LocationRetrievalFailed:0
  • TlsUnknownCertificate:3
  • TlsPropertiesChanged:3
  • MediaStackReset:10

  • NoValidDirectorySearchConfiguration:3
  • NoActiveCallsOnExtensions:3
  • UsedIdentityIsNotRegistered:3