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Phone User Interface


Initial Firmware Version

XML Configuration

<status_msgs_that_are_blocked perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</status_msgs_that_are_blocked>


Lists all statuses that should never appear in PUI.

Valid Values

Space-separated list of keywords. The available messages that can be set are described here: Phone Status Messages

Default Value

PhoneHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasTextMessages
All phones types that are not part of the D8xx series add: PhoneProvisioningFailed
All phone types except D710, D712, D715, D720, D725 add: CurrentIdentityIsDnd
All phone types with a color display add: RingerIsSilent AnonymousIdOn
All phone types with a monochrome display add: AudioDeviceIsSpeaker AudioDeviceIsHeadset AudioIsMuted AudioDeviceIsHandset
All phone types with bluetooth support and color display add: ActiveBluetoothConnection
All phone types add: HeadsetIsActiveNoAudio AudioDeviceIsHeadsetRinging AudioDeviceIsHeadsetRingback AudioDeviceIsHeadsetDialtone AudioDeviceIsHeadsetDTMF AudioDeviceIsHeadsetRTP AudioDeviceIsHeadsetMulticast AudioDeviceIsHeadsetMisc AudioDeviceIsSpeakerRinging AudioDeviceIsSpeakerRingback AudioDeviceIsSpeakerDialtone AudioDeviceIsSpeakerDTMF AudioDeviceIsSpeakerRTP AudioDeviceIsSpeakerMulticast AudioDeviceIsSpeakerMisc