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Initial Firmware Version

XML Configuration

<status_msgs_with_audio_indication perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</status_msgs_with_audio_indication>


Lists all statuses that should make the phone beep in idle (i.e. no calls) whenever they are active. The list is prioritized, the first active status found determines the beep-mechanism. Starting with version, the beep set of every active status will be played one after the other.

Valid Values

space-separated list of status_message[:reminder time in s][/index of beep set]

Here is how to define values:

status_message[:reminder time in s][/index of beep set]

The available status messages that can be set are described here: Phone Status Messages

Beep sets possible values are:

        1 - beep one time

        2 - beep three times

        3 - beep five times

Example: EthernetUnplugged PhoneWantsReboot/2 CurrentIdentityIsDnd:10/3 PhoneHasMissedCalls:300 would mean:

        1 beep for ethernet cable is unplugged, no repetition

        3 beeps for phone wants to reboot, no repetition

        5 beeps for do not disturb current identity, repeating them every 10 seconds

        1 beep for missed calls, repeating it every 5 minutes

Default Value