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There are six types of status messages categories, with different priorities in appearance and types of notification.

List of all status messages

Each of these messages can be applied to any of the message categories.

Status MessageDescription
ActiveBluetoothConnectionPhone has an bluetooth device connected.
ActiveLocationsCurrent active locations for Broadsoft.

The phone is hiding its Outgoing Identity

AudioDeviceIsHeadsetHeadset is used as sound device.
AudioDeviceIsSpeakerSpeaker is used as sound device.

During calls: mute was pressed so no audio is being transmitted to the other party.
On incoming calls: mute was pressed so ringtone won't be played.

BtoeStatePairingLync: BToE state is pairing.
BtoeStateUnpairedLync: BToE state is unpaired. 
CallBackOnBusyAvailableLync: callback on busy is available.
CallBackOnBusyInProgressLync: call on busy (CoB) is in progress.
CallForPickupAvailableA call pickup is available. 

A call is canceled.

CurrentIdentityForewardsAfterTimeoutThe currently selected identity has activated call forwarding after timeout.
CurrentIdentityForewardsAlwaysThe currently selected identity has activated general call forwarding.
CurrentIdentityForewardsWhenBusyThe currently selected identity has activated call forwarding when user is busy.
CurrentIdentityHasTextMessagesThe PBX has at least one text message for the currently selected identity.
CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessagesThe PBX has at least one voice message for the currently selected identity.
CurrentIdentityIsDndThe currently selected identity is set to not receive calls.
CurrentIdentityIsNotRegisteredThe currently selected identity is not registered.


Broadsoft feature Silent Alerting is enabled

DfksFailedDevice Feature Key Synchronization (DFKS) subscription failed.
EthernetUnpluggedThe network cable was unplugged.
ExpDeviceCabelingBrokenNo connection to a D3/D7.
ExpDeviceLimitExceededToo many D3/D7 connected.
FirmwareUpdateFailedThe last attempt to apply a firmware update failed.
HidConnectedAn USB HID device is connected. 
HidConnectingAn USB HID device tries to connect. 

Extended Registration Information for Lync accounts. Due to network issues only limited functionality is available. Phone calls will work, but Presence, CF etc. might not work.

Identity<01...12>IsNotRegisteredThe n-th identity is not registered (whereas <n> can be 01..12).
IPv4ConflictThe IPv4 address conflict detection encountered an error. 


The phone’s monitored extension is ringing

PhoneCannotReachNtpServerThe phone failed to reach the NTP server (system time might be wrong). 
PhoneHasDisabledSipStackThe phone cannot make calls due to license problems. 
PhoneHasFirmwareUpdate A firmware update has been received and is ready to install.
PhoneHasIncomingPublicAnnouncementAn incoming public announcement (PA) is being played. 

There is not much free memory left on the phone. This may cause strange side effects.

PhoneHasMissedCalls There are missed calls.
PhoneHasNoAdminPasswordThe admin mode of the phone not password protected. 
PhoneHasNoHttpPasswordThe web interface of the phone is not password protected.
PhoneHasTextMessagesThe PBX has text messages for at least one configured identity.
PhoneHasVoiceMessagesThe PBX has voice messages for at least one configured identity.
PhoneHasVpnErrorA VPN error has occurred.
PhoneIsLockedThe phone's keyboard is locked.
PhoneIsWaitingForCallCompletionCall completion is active and phone waits for notification of remote party to be available again.
PhoneProvisioningFailedThe phone's provisioning process failed.
PhoneProvisioningInProgressThe phone's provisioning process is in progress (retry counts).
PhoneProvisioningStartingThe phone is starting the provisioning process. 
PhoneRefusedHugeXcapSyncA remote address book is refused to be synchronized via XCAP protocol, because it's too big.
PhoneWaitsOnNtpServerThe phone is attempting to reach the configured NTP server. 
PhoneWantsRebootA reboot is required, e.g. to apply setting changes. 
PhoneWantsToUpdateThe phone asks for an update. 

The phone is in Silent Mode


Broadsoft feature Remote Office is enabled

ServerMessageToBeShownDirectlyThe PBX did provide a message to be displayed on the phone right away. 

Broadsoft feature Simultaneous Ringing is enabled


The phone received a SIP Warning Message

StatusLineSystemMessage Phone internal status or error messages that should be displayed in the status line. 

Serial Expansion Module is connected


A call tries to park.

UsbDiskConnectedPhone has an usb device connected. 
UxmConnectedA D3 or D7 USB extension board is connected.

Expansion Module requires update

VisionConnectionLostThe network connection between the phone and a paired Vision has been lost. 

The phone has an active VPN connection

WlanActivePhone is connected over wireless LAN.