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XML Configuration

<status_msgs_that_show_directly perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS" action="ACTION_ITEM">VALIDVALUE</status_msgs_that_show_directly>


Not available on 870 and PA1

Lists all statuses that should make it into the statusbar (space separated list). The statusbar only holds one status, so the first one in the list that applies is shown.

The available messages that can be set are described here: Phone Status Messages

Since you can add the duration to a status (statusmessage:duration in seconds). No duration means forever.

An active status message with short duration can't be interrupted, but interrupts a status message with long duration.

Valid duration range:

  • Short duration messages: 1 - 30 seconds
  • Long duration messages: 31 second - forever

TryParking, CanceledCall and StatusLineSystemMessage can only be used as short duration messages. Wrong values will be set automatically to the minimal or maximal value.

The "action" attribute supports the following values only, anything else will result in a normal "set" operation:

  • "remove" - removes the VALIDVALUE from the existing values. Example: default values: a b c d e f g h, if action="remove" and VALIDVALUE = d e f, then the setting becomes a b c g h.

Valid Values

space-separated list of keywords (see above)
Since space-separated list of keywords:duration

Default Value

  • differs with phonetype,
  • Since new additional status messages with duration:
  • On all phones: "StatusLineSystemMessage:3 TryParking:5 "
  • On phones with USB: "UxmConnected:5 WlanActive:5 HidConnecting:10 HidConnected:5