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Hello, I wanted to make several users on one phone, base station M900, phone M65. I followed this instruction I took a screenshot of my settings

But I have only one user on my phone. Re-registration does not help.

Can you tell me what to do in this case?


Mikhail Medvedkov

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  1. Hi,

    This seems to be the correct procedure and I can see the same IPEI is connected to both SIP extensions, so you should only need to choose which one you want to use by getting into the handset's menu and selecting one of the two accounts.

    If it doesn't work, an upgrade could be needed here, I can see you are running on a really old 410 firmware version, please bring everything to the latest one BSV610B5 (there are intermediate steps, you will find all the info into the warning messages of each firmware page here DECT M)

    Thank you