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Some features are common to all programmable function keys:

  • Pressing a key when its LED is blinking and the phone is ringing accepts the call.
  • Pressing a key when a call is in progress at that key, as indicated by the constantly lit LED, puts the call on hold.
  • Pressing a key twice while editing a number for dialling at that key, with the receiver in the cradle, returns the phone to idle state.
  • Pressing a key twice while editing a number for dialling at that key, with the receiver off the hook, erases the number

Line keys

screenshot taken of a D785 / FW

  • Context: The default setting is <Active>, i.e., the functionality chosen under Type will be applied to any currently active extension (SIP identity) for outgoing calls. If a specific extension (SIP identity) is chosen from the pull down menu, the functionality under Type will be applied only to the chosen extension (SIP identity).

  • Type: The default setting is <Line>. When another setting is selected from the pull down menu Types, that functionality will be applied to the extension (SIP identity) chosen as Context.

  • Number: The default setting is <blank>. You can enter a number / HTTP(S) URL / SIP URI as required by Type.

  • Label: The default setting is <blank>. You can enter whatever you like, it will then appear as label on the buttons of the virtual key state.

Long-Press fkey configuration

Any line key can also be programmed directly on the phone. To enter the configuration menu simply long-press the line key you want to program. 

Context-sensitive function keys

Type: Currently, only the types ACD, Speed Dial, and Key Event can be selected.

Label: With Type = Key Event, no label is necessary, as the key event comes with its own icon + label text.

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gui_fkey1, gui_fkey2, gui_fkey3, gui_fkey4
Example for Speed Dial
gui_fkey2=speed +4930398330

speed being the type of the gui_fkey, and +4930398330 the number value.

The label of the speed dial key is stored in the setting gui_fkey_label. The index for gui_fkey_label starts at 1 (gui_fkey starts at 0).

Programmable Navigation Keys

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Dedicated keys

example taken from a D785 / FW

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