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Snom deskphones support the following key events:

Event typeProvisioning valueDescription
NoneF_NONEDo nothing
AlternateF_ALTERNATE_MODEChange smart label mode (from short to full and back)
DirectoryF_ADR_BOOKProvides access to the internal phone directory
Accepted CallsF_ACCEPTED_LISTProvides access to the ACCEPTED call history list
Call ListsF_CALL_LISTProvides access to the call history list (missed, received, dialed calls)
Clear Pickup InfoF_CANCELPressing this key will clear the pickup information
ConferenceF_CONFERENCEInitiate a conference during an active call
Consult ConferenceF_CONSULTCONFConsult Conference
ContactsF_CONTACTSUsed with the Presence feature. Provides access to the Contact List, where the Presence State of selected users can be seen (online, busy, offline)
Delete Text MessageF_DELETE_MSGDeletes a text message
Deny AllF_DENYALLAllows the user to deny incoming calls and add the number to the blacklist
Monitor CallsF_DIALOG
  • Shows the list of monitored extensions and allows call pickup
  • Since 8.7.2: will auto hide when not applicable, i.e. when the list would be empty
  • Not available on snom 300
LDAP DirectoryF_DIRECTORY_SEARCHAllows the user to lookup remote directory while dialing a number. Once set, this pressed key will open up the Direcory Search window. If LDAP is setup, corresponding matching entries as returned by the sever will be shown. If LDAP is not used and and presence_lookup_number setting is turned on, the contact matches will be shown.
DNDF_DNDToggles the Do Not Disturb (DND) status on the phone. When mapped to a function key with a LED it will indicate the current DND state. Permanent light is 'DND on' and no light means 'DND off'.
FavoritesF_FAVORITESOpens the list of contacts marked as Favorites in the Address Book
Next Label PageF_LABEL_PAGE_NEXTOpens the next label page in a round-robin fashion on phones with self-labeling keys
Previous Label PageF_LABEL_PAGE_PREVOpens the previous label page in a round-robin fashion on phones with self-labeling key
Logoff IdentitiesF_LOGOFF_ALL
  • Caution: This option will delete all account settings!!
  • Usage: Mainly useful for call centers with frequently changing users.
Missed CallsF_MISSED_LISTProvides access to the MISSED call history list
MuteF_MUTEMutes/Unmutes during an active call. Please note that on some phones the mute key can work as a DND when Idle. You can manage this feature trough the mute_is_dnd_in_idle setting
Next Outgoing IDF_NEXT_IDShows the next outgoing ID
Prev. Outgoing IDF_PREV_IDShows the previous outgoing ID
HoldF_HOLDPlaces an active call on hold
RebootF_REBOOTTriggers a phone reboot

When the ’Record’ key is pressed once during a call, the phone sends a SIP INFO message with

  • Record: on

and a blinking symbol at the display indicates the running recording. Another key press stops the recording, switches the display indicator off, and makes the phone send a SIP INFO message with

  • Record: off

Please be aware that the phone is only triggering the start and end of the recording on a remote location which has to perform the recording itself. The phone does not record the voice streams at all. The recording mechanism can be configured using the setting recording_mechanism

  • Provides access to the DIALED call history list.
  • Since will auto hide when the dialed-list is empty.
  • Since and this key event is acting like OK inside a call list. So you can dial the selected number from the call history list with F_REDIAL (only when F_REDIAL is applied to an hard key).

If a key configured with Instant Redial is pressed:

  • The most recent item dialed is redialed without any additional acknowledge / confirmation - no matter handset / headset is lifted or not.
  • If the dialed list does not contain any items, it is treated as an off hook showing the dial screen.
  • F_REDIRECT can be used to create a shortcut for setting up call forwarding for the phone. If you are using a programmable function key with LED, the LED will indicate the current state of the call forwarding.

  • Example: You have set F_REDIRECT:490 to one of the programmable function keys. Pressing that key will set up call forwarding of all or specified (on busy, after timeout) incoming calls to extension 490, as indicated by the lit LED. Press the key again to end call forwarding; the LED will go out. Similar mappings to other extensions can be made in parallel on other function keys. If you are using F_REDIRECT without a number the currently set number will be used for redirection. See also Call Forwarding.

HeadsetHEADSETEnable/Disable the headset
Change Active IDF_REGSProvides access to the list of registered SIP identities
RetrieveF_RETRIEVERetrieves the mailbox messages. Note: This key becomes active after the phone has received a message waiting indication (MWI) with a valid mailbox URI
Ringer SilentF_RINGER_SILENTTurns the ringer off (starting with version 10.x). This change takes effect until the next reboot of the phone.
MenuF_SETTINGSOpens the phone Menu
HelpF_SUPPORTProvides access to support information including the IP address of the phone
TransferF_TRANSFERTransfers the current incoming/active call
LockF_GUEST_LOCKLock the current hoteling guest mode, so that logging out is not allowed.
Voicemail InfoF_VOICEMAIL_INFOBring up the voicemail info screen, which displays voicemail status for each account in a list menu and allows quick access by dialing out to the mailbox
Caller ID Blocking or Hide Outgoing IDF_ANONYMOUSTurn on or off the Anonymous ID feature, which hides user's own phone number when making outgoing calls. Instead "anonymous" is used in the SIP INVITE
Hold privateF_HOLD_PRIVATEUsed for Broadsoft feature Private Hold
Multicast ZonesF_ZONESLists multicast zones and allows the user to pick a zone from the list
OCIPF_OCIPUsed for Broadsoft feature OCI-P

Show the contact pool (choice of number sources like redial list or directories)

Since 8.7.2: will auto hide when number_simultaneous_calls is reached.

Presence StateF_PRESENCEProvides access to the Presence State list, where the Presence State of each SIP Identity can be defined e.g. online, offline, busy, invisible).
Server DirectoryF_SERVER_ABServer-based address book
Status messagesF_STATUS

Shows a list of status messages.

Since 8.7.X on all phone types available.