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See here the Quickinstallation Guide for the A150: QIG_A150.pdf

This guide will show you how to register (pairing) and deregister  the A150 DECT headset and an A230 DECT dongle.


The out-of-the-box A150 headset and A230 DECT USB dongle are paired.



For different cases you might need different solutions. Ultimately, however, you only need one of the two listed procedures to register or deregister.

  1. Case 1: You have lost the A230 dongle or it is defective. As a result, the dongle to which your headset was paired is no longer available.
    1. Solution 1: You buy a new A230 dongle. This is unregistered. Here you simply have to go through the pairing procedure below.
    2. Solution 2: You receive another A230 dongle that you have already used. Here you should first go through the deregistration procedure and then the pairing procedure.

  2. Case 2: You have lost the A150 headset or it is defective. You will receive a replacement device.
    1. Solution 1: To use the existing "old" A230 dongle, it must be deregistered and then the pairing procedure must be carried out.
    2. Solution 2: You will receive a completely new headset including dongle. You do not need to do anything here. Since the included dongle is always already paired with the headset.

Deregistering of A230

To deregister a A230 DECT Dongle please follow these instructions:

  1. Press the key on the dongle for 10 seconds to enter deregistration mode.
    After 4 seconds of pressing the red LED starts to double-flash; at the end of the 10
    seconds the LED starts to flash red rapidly, indicating that the dongle has entered deregistration mode.
  2. Then release the key and press it again for 1 second to confirm deregistration.
    The LED turns green for three seconds, turns off for one second
    and then shows steady red light.

Deregistering of A150

To deregister a A150 DECT Headset please follow these instructions:

  1. Press the following sequence on your A150 headset: 
    Vol Up -> Talk Button -> Vol Down -> Talk Button -> Vol Up -> Talk Button


  1. First press the button on the A230 dongle for 4 seconds, it starts blinking red.

  2. Now place the A150 headset in its charger, or if it is already there, you do not need to change anything. The LED of the A150 headset flashes quickly alternating between red and green.

  3. The red LED of the A230 dongle flashes twice in intervals and turns off if the registration was successful.
    1. The LED of the A230 dongle turns steady red when it has left the pairing mode. Then repeat step 1.

  4. Now press the following sequence on your A150 headset:
    Talk Button -> Vol Down -> Talk Button -> Vol Up -> Vol Up -> Vol Down -> Talk Button

  5. If the pairing process was successful, the LED of the A150 headset will now be constantly lit. (green when the A150 is fully charged, red/orange when still charging).