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Under certain circumstances it may seem difficult to set up the link between the C52-SP and A230 DECT Dongle properly even though everything is done as stated in the manuals.

This is to explain signals shown by the devices and pre-requisites for successful pairing of the two.


Before trying to pair the C52-SP and the A230 please ensure:

  • Battery is inserted in the C52-SP
  • Battery is charged
  • PSU is connected
  • C52-SP is within 30cm of the A230.
  • No other DECT devices nearby are in pairing-mode
  • A230 is inserted in the snom phone's USB port


  1. Pairing is initated by pressing the button on the A230 for about four seconds. It start blinking red.
  2. Then press and hold the registration button on the bottom of the C52-SP until the LEDs toggle red/green.

Attention: If you want to use the C52 SP with another device than the already paired DECT dongle, e.g. with a C520 WiMi, you have to unpair it first.


  • To disconnect, hold the "Register" button for 10 seconds, release and immediately press the button again.
  • If everything is done correctly, the unit should stop flashing and a moment later, all the lights should turn yellow for a few seconds and then turn off.
  • Now the connection between the DECT dongle and the C52-SP is successfully disconnected.


  • Success
    The C52-SP should then, after a short moment, light up all green for a few seconds and then LEDs turn off.
  • Failure
    The C52-SP makes a beep noise, LEDs turn off, then yellow, then red/green.
    The pairing was not successful. The C52-SP will attempt 15 times in a loop.
  • Options:
    • Please try to reduce distance between C52-SP and A230. Usually putting them side by side (< 30cm) ensures pairing.
    • Deactivate other DECT devices (headsets, handsets, bases) nearby
    • If the environment is very noisy (i.e. a lot of DECT devices) try registering the two in another location


Once the registration of C52-SP and A230 was successful the connection is not that critical anymore and you can freely move within the range of the A230 DECT Dongle.

The registration is automatically re-established if one device was powered down or if the A230 is moved from one phone to another.