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SmartTransfer is one of the new preset features on the phones which have v10 firmware installed out-of-the-box. It allows the user to easily set up a target for one-press call transfer.

This is especially useful in the following scenarios:

  • Handover to mobile: With a single key press, the user can continue a call on the smartphone when leaving the desk (main use case).

Other use case scenarios:

  • Boss / Admin: easily transfer, deflect to or start calls with your key co-worker.
  • Teams, departments, and reception: deflect an incoming call or transfer an established call to a hunt group when busy or subject matter expertise is needed.


1) To configure the feature just press the SmartTransfer key from idle on the Snom SmartScreen.

2) This opens the SmartTransfer setup dialogue. Here you can directly enter a number for the SmartTransfer target.

3) Alternatively, use the "Pool" soft key that provides you access to all available directories and contact sources.

4) The moment the SmartTransfer target is selected the key is programmed and ready to be used.

5) On the Snom SmartScreen you can see the configured target and its updated dynamically to the "Transfer To" icon.

6) From idle you press the key to start a speed dial to the target.

7) On an incoming call you press the key and the call will be immediately deflected to the target.

8) If the key is pressed during an established call, a transfer to the target is initiated immediately.

Additional info

A. Updating the target value or Short Text for the SmartTransfer key

1) Please long press the configured key, if you like to update the target value or Short Text on the configured key. The key configuration menu will open and the corresponding LED will start to blink slowly:

2) After entering and confirming the new number or Short Text value it will be shown immediately on the Snom SmartScreen (in this example a new Short Text value):

3) When you leave the key configuration menu the corresponding LED will stop to blink.

B. Default configuration, provisioning & reapplication advice

Following configuration is the default on D785 for key P4 (key ID=3), as shown in web user interface screenshot below.

Key Name Key ID Context Type Number Short Text P4 3 Active Action URL file:///xml/gui/transfer_setup.xml#var:key=3 SmartTransfer

The configured Action URL calls an internal Snom IO based XML document, and is handing over the key ID its assigned to. In case you like to re-apply the SmartTransfer setup dialog to the same or another key, please configure the desired key as above and don't forget to adapt the key ID value in the Action URL.

Note: the odd looking icon  in front of initial Short Text: SmartTransfer is the Unicode for Snom font element:  As browsers do not support the Snom icon font they show this font fallback box glyph also known as tofu character. You can just copy and paste it as usual into e.g. Short Text field in Snom web user interface, or use it in your provisioning XML files, as the phone does interpret the Unicode.