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  • Address Book on Snom C520


There are two ways to import an address book on the Snom C520:

  • manual or
  • automatic .

Manually import the address book

See the Admin and Provisioning_Manual -> Page 60

Automatically import the address book

If you would like the C520 to downloads the address book automatically, please do the following:

  1. Add one of following two parameters in your provisioning file:
    <--- recommended, in order to always get the most recent data

    See more information about these parameters in the Admin and Provisioning Manual  -> Page 137

    You can use two different formats to configure these settings. Assuming you would like the C520 to download the address book from http://<IP_address>/C520/file.xml, you have two options:

    CFG format

    You can add the following in a cfg provisioning file:<IP_address>/C520/file.xml

    XML format

    You can add the following in an XML provisioning file, within the <settings></settings> tag:

  2. It is important to know how the file http://<IP_address>/C520/file.xml should look like.
    There are 2 possibilities:

    1. Typical C520 format (example: directory.xml)

    2. (but only works starting with firmware version v1.40.35B) General Snom format (example: snom_phonebook_2.xml)