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  • First steps with the Snom Demo Case



A Snom demo case contains the latest phone models equipped with WLAN sticks and a power bank with power cable to connect to any Snom desktop phone.
So they are fully equipped to operate a Snom phone under real conditions regardless of local circumstances. Even if you don't have a WLAN hotspot near you, you can start your own hotspot with your mobile phone and let your Snom phone's Internet communication run over it.

In the following article you can read how to set up the WLAN connection. Please note that after the provisioning of your phones, i.e. after integrating the devices into your telephone system and then restarting them, you may notice significant changes in the telephone configuration. This may mean that instead of pressing the gear button to open the configuration menu, you must press another button, e.g. the down arrow button. This depends on the PBX used.

WLAN Konfiguration

Setting up WLAN Connection on Snom Deskphone

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