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  • The snom PA1 is equipped with 4 output pins.
  • The output pins can be used to control relays or other actors. Using relays you can for example switch lights or channels of an external amplifier.
  • As an example on how to use the output pins, we created a relay extension pcb.
  • This relay extension pcb will not be sold by snom as a product. Yet we provide a complete set of design data for the pcb. Using the provided data this pcb from a PCB manufacturing service.

Type:Extended Gerber 274-X
PCB:2 Layer
Dimension:85mm x 56mm
Content:Layout-, overlay-, silk-, drill data


NameTypeVersionAdditional informationDownload
Relaysboard ExtensionGerberV0.2You can use the snom PA1 cable
Relaysboard ExtensionSchematicsV0.2
Relaysboard ExtensionBill of materialV0.2