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Needed tools:

  • PoE Switch or 2-port PoE Injector or a Snom 5V Power adapter
  • Cat5e Network Cables
  • PC with Ethernet connection
  • TFTP Server (Snom SPLiT application can be downloaded here) but can only be used for files smaller than 30 MB
  • Latest Snom PA1+ firmware renamed to snomPA1P.bin

The PA1 plus can boot in a recovery mode with a hardcoded Class C* IP address of *( /24, netmask

When the PA1 is in recovery mode the device will download the firmware file via TFTP from the IP address


  1. Isolate the PA1+ from your normal network so that it will not try and obtain an IP address via DHCP
  2. Configure your Laptop or PC with the static IP address, with a 24 bit mask of, there is no need to configure DNS or a default gateway address.
  3. Connect your PC to the the same PA1+ network
  4. Make sure the TFTP server is running, listening on port 69 and snomPA1P.bin is at the root of the shared TFTP directory
  5. Start the PA1+ as usual, then press the reset button for 5 seconds, both LED (green and red) will start blinking
  6. Short press the reset button again within 5 seconds, the green LED will be steady and the red one will be blinking
  7. Short press the reset button again within 5 seconds, both LEDs will blink 2 to 3 times and then the PA1+ will boot into rescue mode
  8. After some seconds the TFTP transfer will begin, check with your TFTP server's logs
  9. While the rescue is progressing the following LED control sequence can be observed:
      • Fetching the rescue file: red and green LED –> ON
      • Erasing/Writing the flash: red and green LED –> FLASHING
      • Rescue successful: red LED –> OFF, green LED –> ON
      • Rescue failed: red LED -> ON, green LED –> OFF

Once the recovery procedure is complete (red LED - OFF, green LED – ON) connect the PA1+ back to your normal network., log in and confirm the recovery procedure was successful