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Company Profile

Located in Kiel, Germany, ADDIX Software GmbH is a software engineering company with focus on developement and production of telecommunication solutions.

Astimax is a professional voice over IP PBX which – since the first sales in 2005 – has been sold numerous times worldwide. Companies value the comprehensive feature set and maximum flexibility. Available as appliance or cloud-based service Astimax offers solutions for companies of all sizes. Take your business one step further to the future: Astimax UC provides independence from telephones. No matter if PC, tablet or smartphone just open a browser and start calling. Furthermore Astimax supports all common standards for ALL-IP and VoIP as well as various interfaces for CRM and ERP systems.

Products & Services

Astimax is available as both appliance and cloud-based service. Users benefit from continous developement and new features like webRTC integration and comprehensive ACD features that significantly enhance availability and user comfort. The Astimax UC feature provides more flexibility and freedom for every user. Any device with a web browser can be used as a fully functional phone including BLF (busy lamp fields), voicemail transcription, call history, and a messaging client. Take your office extension wherever you go.

In addition Astimax system do not only support ALL-IP – they were built for it. Astimax makes you ready for the future while offering complete investment protection

Integration with Snom

Astimax has been Snom Interop Partner for more than 10 years. Thus topics like hot desking, provisioning, centralised management as well as XML directories have been standard features for many years now. Especially centralised management simplifies administration of devices tremendously. Setups for new employees are fast and easy. Configure the extension with a few clicks and the profile is rolled out to the respective phone. Just plug in the phone and the employee is ready to call – regardless of his/her location (home office, subsidiary or main office).

D3XX Series


Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)

D7XX SeriesD710D712D715D717D725D735D745D765D785
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Conferencing & BroadcastingC520-WiMiMeeting PointPA1
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)(tick)

DECT Workplace MobilityM300M700M25M65M85
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)