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Company Profile

Since 2000, the Clarity AG with its headquarters in Bad Homburg has been one of the few German manufacturers of innovative communication solutions, which means significant advantages for its customers in the areas of service, product development and solution customization.

With software development, consulting, implementation, training and support, you receive our service portfolio from one source. The flexible software solution adapts to your business processes and not - as usual - you adapt your business processes to a predominantly fixed system.

Clarity customers work directly with the manufacturer via the shortest possible channels and thus receive fast and competent support, always up-to-date software and faster and more qualified assistance in all areas.

The aim of Clarity AG is to establish the Clarity Communication Center as a market standard in the medium and long term through permanent further development. To achieve this, more than 20% of the annual turnover is continuously invested in further developments.

Products & Services

The Clarity Communication Center is a software-based overall solution that provides business, collaboration and contact center functions in one system. The holistic nature of the solution offers many advantages such as a uniform, simple administration interface, a client for business and contact center, a system on a virtual platform that can be operated in all standard virtualized environments.

The Clarity Clients, Clarity Communication Client for Microsoft Windows, Clarity Client for Web, Clarity Client for iOS and Clarity Client for Android are available to the user as CTI and softphone applications. With the uniform interface of the Clarity Clients and the simple usability of the Clarity Communication Client, it is possible to quickly familiarize oneself with the application.

Integration with Snom

Clarity has been a Snom Gold Partner for many years. Snom always delivers the expected very high quality with every single device, so that the joint customers always receive what was planned in the respective project with full satisfaction. Due to the long and close cooperation there are short communication channels, so that a permanent exchange on technical and sales level is established. Clarity is looking forward to further cooperation in partnership.

D1XX SeriesD120
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)

D3XX Series


Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)

D7XX SeriesD712D715D717D725D735D745D765D785
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Conferencing & BroadcastingMeeting PointPA1
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)

DECT Workplace MobilityM200SCM300M700M900
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)