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Company Profile

Crown is a pioneer and innovator in the telecommunications market. With its own IP Centrex technology, Crown offers a whitelabel solution for international carriers and service providers.

The complete proprietary development of the virtual pbx sets standards for functionality, scalability and security. Crown was able to overcome the challenges of previous technologies and offers solutions for all market segments - from the private customer through the small office / home office to mid-market and enterprise.

Products & Services

Crown provides leading technologies, reliable service, and extensive expertise for a successful voice over IP business.

With the Technology as a Service (TaaS) concept, the IP Centrex developed by Crown is available as a whitelabel solution. For international carriers and service providers, Crown offers the sovereign technological foundation for a own attractive IP telephony offering. Crown is opening up solutions for all market segments - from private customers through small-office / home office to SMB/SME and large enterprise.

Integration with Snom

Snom stands for "First in VoIP". Crown stands for "First in IP Centrex". Crown has been using Snom's products since 2008. Snom's high level of standards compliance, the great technical know-how and the partnership-based cooperation are key reasons to work with Snom. Crown was the first Snom Turnkey Integration Partner to implement all the functionality of Snom phones in an IP Centrex environment.

D1XX SeriesD120
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)

D3XX Series


Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)

Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)


D7XX SeriesD712D715D717D725D735D745D765D785
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)

Conferencing & BroadcastingC520-WiMiMeeting PointPA1
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)(tick)

DECT Workplace MobilityM300M700M25M65M85
Snom Advanced Interoperability(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Snom Turnkey Integration(tick)(tick)