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Company Profile

NFON, founded in 2007, is a worldwide leading provider of Cloud telephone systems. Serving companies of all sizes, from 2 to 249,000 extensions, in 12 European countries, NFON also provides systems for large enterprises that operate globally. A constantly growing company, NFON has a strong network of qualified resellers and received a certificate and seal from TÜV Saarland.

NFON takes the telephone system out of the office – and into the NFON high performance data centers. With an encrypted internet connection, you can now access your information anywhere, anytime, by phone, computer or smartphone while remaining connected to the original telephone network.

Products & Services

With the NFON Cloud Telephone System you are always automatically up to date and the table-top phones can be used with many other VoIP telephone systems. You can make internal calls for free – worldwide, between all locations. Instead of using conventional telephone lines, NFON calls are made via the Internet and remain safe in several high-performance computing centers that are virtually fail-safe through fully redundant operation.

Over 150 high-end features satisfy the most demanding telephony requirements – from mobile phone connectivity to conference calls. The capacity of the NFON Cloud is almost limitless and extensions or home offices can be added or removed as required.

Integration with Snom

Snom phones and NFON - Cloudya Phone System are fully compatible and ensure users a seamless and stress-free application. Because of this compatibility, users can expect plug-and-play functionality between Snom phones and NFON - Cloudya Phone System. Snom phones are automatically configured with the NFON - Cloudya Phone System, making administration easy and saving time.

D3XX Series


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Conferencing & BroadcastingPA1
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