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Release Date: 01 February 2019

Important Notes

  • Please make sure you read ALL of the information below before installing the software on your device.
  • Please install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment.
  • We encourage you to read and follow our security advisories.
  • This release does NOT directly include the OpenVPN feature in firmware file anymore. If you wish to use this feature please make sure to download and install the VPN feature.

Release Notes

SAP-1792 - ADD: New SmartLabel feature is enabled @D120
SAP-3272 - FIX: Domain part of the PAI header is ignored when call back from the call lists, see setting: use_outbound_proxy_for_callback
SAP-3335 - UPD: Update PUI language Czech
SAP-2898 - FIX: Show the cursor also when no match is found during LDAP lookup
SAP-1355 - FIX: For outgoing calls the call-picture (user_pic provided in Call-Info header received with 180 and 200) was not shown
SAP-539 - UDP: To support QuickLookup feature the dial screen design is reworked
SAP-1347 - UPD: For QuickLookup feature the number guessing / predictive dialling results are now merged into one list while in dial screen
SAP-788 - UPD: Visual handling of local directory (tbook) is converted into common XML based handling
SAP-1471 - FIX: Phone shows "Dfks: Feature sync failed" occasionally #Teles C5 #Broadsoft
SAP-1344 - UPD: Dial screen is now converted into common XML based handling, like user idle XML screen from user_xml_screen_url
SAP-1711 - ADD: Call forwarding target can now be selected by single press on: Voice Mail, Speed Dial, TransferTo (SmartTransfer), BLF, Call Pickup fkeys
SAP-2501 - ADD: Support ambient light sensing @D717
SAP-3182 - ADD: UI support for Croatian language
SAP-745 - ADD: RFC-3261 recommendation aligned processing of SIP 3xx Responses
SAP-3178 - UPD: For QuickLookup several settings are renamed/redesigned (user accessible in PUI) e.g. guess_number, guess_start_length, partial_lookup
SAP-3180 - ADD: Radio buttons and drop down menus apply their setting values immediately when selected in the web interface
SAP-867 - FIX: In very low bandwidth networks the firmware update failed due to timeout, "swupd_failed", without attempting a download restart
SAP-3011 - FIX: using name for display_method the PUI showed hostname / domain context part too
SAP-3086 - FIX: WUI/PUI did encode complex passwords containing e.g. percentage sign which led into authentication failures
SAP-3212 - FIX: Reverse Number Lookup was broken, incoming caller information wasn't resolved
SAP-1287 - ADD: Function Key "Caller ID Blocking" #Broadsoft
SAP-3096 - UPD: Phone should not display disconnected message during hold and on-hold for additional calls (call_waiting)
SAP-3184 - UPD: Minimised default codec_priority_list for compact SDP message, aligned with common SIP-ALG restrictions
SAP-456 - ADD: Introduced support for Retry-After header during REGISTER, RFC 3261
SAP-2151 - UPD: Remove legacy Call Agent Fkey #Broadsoft
SAP-3124 - OTH: Significant performance improvement for mini browser parser
SAP-1340 - FIX: Specific race condition addressed, that occurred after 1st call closed during hold with CanceledCall in status_msgs_that_show_directly
SAP-1640 - ADD: ACD softkey icon depending on state #Broadsoft
SAP-1229 - ADD: New QuickLookup feature, providing predictive auto-search for directory contacts within dial screen
SAP-2011 - ADD: New comprehensive PUI menu for Live UI Customisation with Color & Transparency (GUI - Customisation), Preferences, Display, Color and Opacity
SAP-3044 - FIX: Contact Photos were not rendered properly in call scenarios
SAP-3075 - ADD: Support for iLBC codec
SAP-2993 - ADD: Visual Voicemail - Allow Audio Switching during Playback #Broadsoft
SAP-2320 - FIX: Action URLs in Directory entries parsed incorrectly
SAP-3115 - UPD: Improved performance when scrolling through a list of contact photos
SAP-2024 - ADD: Automatically adjust UI element transparency settings when custom background URL is set
SAP-2121 - OTH: Blinking Info button is replaced by blue coloured icon
SAP-2806 - ADD - SmartLabel setting smartlabel_call_treat_as_other_screens
SAP-3158 - FIX: Wrong soft key positions for directory delete item confirm screen @D305 @D315 @D375
SAP-3064 - OTH: Significant performance increase when accessing network-phonebook and remote call log #Broadsoft
SAP-2548 - FIX: Per default wrong policy bit set for LLDP-MED
SAP-3107 - FIX: Continuous DHCP Loop with long lease
SAP-1374 - ADD: Variable for "active_identity" (for use in action-url)
SAP-1385 - ADD: Define xsi_heartbeat_interval #Broadsoft
SAP-2143 - ADD: New key event Pool (Contact pool)
SAP-2185 - ADD: Details softkey in Status Info to show corresponding feature menu for Location, Parallel Ringing and Visual Voicemail. #BroadSoft
SAP-3153 - FIX: Font for call completion is to large
SAP-301 - FIX: Wrong Display Text using SIP diversion header field if comma is within the provided string
SAP-1037 - ADD: Setting to disable LLDP - lldp_enable
SAP-2418 - UPD: Menu item "Sort" with options "by Date" and "by Name" in call history
SAP-2769 - UPD: Show user_idle_* name and number in call scenarios
SAP-3101 - FIX: Cannot switch SmartLabel or SmartScreen pages when in user (non-admin) mode
SAP-3128 - FIX: Some characters from Azerbaijani alphabet were missing @monochrome display phones
SAP-1854 - FIX: NET/PC port do not detect link speed @D120
SAP-2183 - ADD: New timer setting (xmpp_refresh_timer) for polling XMPP requests #BroadSoft
SAP-2688 - FIX: Support for character ":" in challenge nonce was missing, RFC 7616
SAP-2991 - FIX: Visual Voicemail Summaries are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent first #Broadsoft
SAP-3011 - FIX: using name for display_method the PUI showed hostname / domain context part too
SAP-3028 - FIX: Phone sends not enough SIP retransmit messages @D765 @D735
SAP-3087 - FIX: One way audio after several calls if setting user_media_transport_offer is set to tcp
SAP-1399 - ADD: Variable for "transfer_target" (for use in action-url)
SAP-2033 - ADD: Phone can detect (analog) headset connected @x35
SAP-2143 - ADD: Contact Pool function key
SAP-2177 - ADD: new setting user_idle_cfwd idx="INDEX" to mask fwd_all_target / fwd_time_target / fwd_busy_target
SAP-2262 - ADD: Contacts are now shown in Meetme Conferences #BroadSoft
SAP-2416 - UPD: Dynamic key label display for SmartLabel - Line - Shared Line Off @D735
SAP-2417 - UPD: Dynamic key label display for SmartLabel keys - Multicast Zone & Multicast Page @D735
SAP-3083 - ADD: Phone can detect (analog) headset connected @D717
SAP-3114 - FIX: SIP PAI header was ignored during transfer scenario
SAP-3026 - UPD: Cut off "@domain/host" part in call history and phonebook
SAP-1275 - ADD: Call waiting caller info is now displayed in the status message area
SAP-2343 - ADD: In SmartLabel FullMode show the active identity in the title bar @Dx35
SAP-1853 - FIX: VLAN tagging incorrect on PC port @D120
SAP-3055 - FIX: removal of duplicated list names in call history
SAP-2712 - FIX: SIP PAI header contained in second re-INIVTE was ignored
SAP-2989 - FIX: The Function Key None was incorrectly showing a label text
SAP-2817 - FIX: A certain variation of call completion with call waiting indication turned off, did not work
SAP-2251 - ADD: Add busy icon when a call is declined due to busy reason
SAP-2119 - FIX: Display backlight is turned on during every setting refresh
SAP-2270 - ADD: Indication of enabled/disabled Simultaneous Ring on PUI #BroadSoft
SAP-2771 - ADD: Trigger a tbook download if an address book entry is created out of the call lists #Metaswitch #BroadSoft
SAP-1064 - FIX: Call List does not update to the latest entry #BroadSoft
SAP-3009 - FIX: Performance of switching pages in the Call History improved
SAP-3027 - FIX: Optimisation of partial_lookup feature for reverse number lookup
SAP-3000 - FIX: Call History displays incorrect call start time for the XSI Server Call Log #BroadSoft
SAP-2989 - FIX: The Function Key "None" was incorrectly showing a label text
SAP-2982 - FIX: Reverse number lookup from Local Directory failed in certain cases
SAP-2975 - FIX: Memory leak when syncing server address book to with local addressbook #Metaswitch #BroadSoft
SAP-2943 - FIX: 'Contact saved!' message keeps reappearing in minibrowser and phone book
SAP-2942 - UPD: Hardcoded TLS server authentication & check_fqdn_ against_ server_cert=on per default for all models
SAP-2933 - FIX: If garbage / fake traffic was sent to port 443 of phone's web-server, the SIP re-registration was stopped
SAP-2932 - FIX: DNS SRV failover discontinues after processing the highest priority SRV record
SAP-2618 - FIX: Call Screen shows errors when setting ringer_animation=off
SAP-2617 - ADD: Downloaded tbook should be synchronised with Server Call Logs
SAP-2257 - ADD: Ad-hoc conference is now also supported during a single call on HOLD
SAP-2256 - ADD: Ad-hoc conference is now also supported during a single connected call
SAP-2251 - ADD: Add busy icon when a call is declined due to busy reason
SAP-2155 - FIX: Speed Dial is missing Icon and Label when configured on fourth softkey
SAP-1833 - FIX: Call Forwarding status icon is displayed multiple times
SAP-1683 - ADD: Possibility to dial into MyRoom of a contact #BroadSoft
SAP-3174 - FIX: TLS SNI was sent dependent on check_fqdn_against_server_cert & tls_server_authentication. Caution: The setting check_fqdn_against_server_cert has been disabled by this change.
Value "off" has no effect in this FW version, so FQDN will always be checked. "Off" will be made efficient again in the next firmware release.
SAP-1630 - FIX: Pressing the Presence softkey (softkey 4) while in status info opens empty list #BroadSoft
SAP-1173 - FIX: DNS NAPTR provided transport protocol was used, no matter what was specified for outbound proxy, user_outbound (RFC 3263)
SAP-937 - ADD: When using contact list buddy, the phone number list should be seen on the phone web interface #BroadSoft
SAP-935 - UPD: LDAP, RFC 4515 alignment, as e.g. comparison rule did not match the search filter
SAP-777 - FIX: Support for TFTP, tftp:// on setting_server was broken
SAP-717 - ADD: Play Visual Voicemail #BroadSoft
SAP-2212: New GUI: Add color attribute for non-selected and selected items in selection list
SAP-2552: Rel 10: Entirely remove wifi_ether_bridge
SAP-2686: Rel 10 - WUI: Add Color settings and split up Preferences in web interface (General, Appearance, Audio)
SAP-445: Broadsoft - Call Recording Controls
SAP-836: New GUI: Rename all image files and create a new folder structure for the new GUI
SAP-1480: New Feature: Warm and Hot Dialling (auto_dial_target) (auto_dial)
SAP-2232: BroadSoft: Show all directories, even if no contact in it
SAP-2247: Add support for A210 WiFi Dongle Chipset RTL8811C/21C
SAP-2646: Fix: 3 sec. delay after press a Line Key with "Key Event" = DND
SAP-2650: New GUI - WLAN: PW / Encryption key isn't masked
SAP-316: New feature: Dual audio using headset and handset (listen_in_on_handset)
SAP-1852: gui_fkey_font_size and text_softkey moved to preference/general in WUI
SAP-2302: Sort no longer deletes entries in the call history
SAP-2369: Broadsoft Hoteling: PUI gets updated correctly with guest account status
SAP-2375: Broadsoft Hoteling: Create/terminate host-guest association originated by phone user
SAP-2370: BroadSoft Hoteling - Interactions with ACD, Feature Sync and Shared Line corrected
SAP-2353: Improvement in fkey translations
SAP-2292: New feature: Metaswitch - Possibility to download server address book to local directory for reverse number lookup
SAP-2266: BroadSoft: Add softkey to mark visual voicemail entries as read/unread
SAP-2124: BroadSoft XSI - Usage of Cookies for Authorisation to reduce server load
SAP-604: Phone cannot open TCP RTP ports (SIP trunks with SIP over TCP)
SAP-652: New feature: BroadSoft Hoteling (flexible seating)
SAP-481: New PUI: Replace old icons and images with new ones
SAP-954: Changed the german text Umleitung to Weiterleitung
SAP-2476: Volume overlay uses status messages color settings
SAP-2482: On Hold text is supposed to be yellow
SAP-2468: Broadsoft - Turn OFF by default Feature Simultaneous Ring
SAP-2446: long_cancel_is_blocking_caller is set to off by default (long_cancel_is_blocking_caller)
SAP-2447: setting xfer_dest_order_lifo is now on by default
SAP-2193: key events were not translated on self-labeling keys
SAP-2101: fkey finalization for D345
SAP-2263: BroadSoft: Introduction of manual presence status
SAP-2102: fkey finalization for D745
SAP-2285: Speed Dial key and text should only appear in idle
SAP-2100: SmartTransfer setup support for monochrome models
SAP-956: Minor improvements to the translation of "Target"
SAP-1769 - UI: Transfer destination list should be sorted by "put on hold" order (xfer_dest_order_lifo)
SAP-1811 - PUI - FIX - ldap initial query should not set * as default input
SAP-2069 - Support Chinese language (built-in)
SAP-2342 - D385 shows unnecessary warning if BT headset is connected
SAP-1407 - LDAP: Dial LDAP contact via incoming call list, the target number is not the number from call list
SAP-1420 - Broadsoft / Metaswitch - Private HOLD is not indicated via function key LED for HOLD (private)
SAP-1803 - Phone is treating an UPDATE as the same transaction of the INVITE - Responding 491 instead of expected 200 OK (RFC6337, section 4.3)
SAP-2004 - Metaswitch - Incorrect time in server call logs
SAP-2020 - Metaswitch - Server Address book needs to be sortable
SAP-2042 - Metaswitch/Broadsoft - Configurable behaviour for OK button in Server Directory
SAP-2296 - D765 - NewUI: Tofu instead of Up/Down Arrow icon in Tbook sort
SAP-2306 - D120 - Phone could not handle whole VLAN ID range via LLDP (disables tagging of PC port)
SAP-2317 - Add "All" Calls List to Call History on Monochrome
SAP-2009 - New UI customisation: Configure the color & transparency for all visual elements via settings (V10 - new Features)
SAP-2188 - Broadsoft - Possibility to download server address book for reverse number lookup
SAP-2223 - Broadsoft - Cannot get update Remote Office settings when Xsi Event = on
SAP-2233 - Broadsoft - Does not update Simultaneous Ring settings without re-entering (Xsi Event = off)
SAP-2292 - Ability to download server address book for reverse number lookup #Metaswitch
SAP-2352 - Full Mozilla Root CA certificates support + Snom backward compatible Root CA certificates
SAP-1829 - Added setting to show MAC address in SIP register header and user agent (mac_info_in_sip_register)
SAP-604 - Phone cannot open TCP RTP ports #SIP trunks with SIP over TCP
SAP-1889 - Add check-sync to Allow-Events header of registration #Metaswitch
SAP-1941 - Layout improvements for Remote Office UI #Broadsoft

TR-069: This firmware release might not work properly for phones that are managed by TR-069 ACS. Please wait for the next update.

LDAP: For some LDAP configurations in place a migration of LDAP settings might be required starting version as described under:

Wiki: Migrating settings for LDAP to Version V10.1.27.0 Without this step, LDAP functionality might be considered or experienced as broken.

Old language-files: In deployments where provisioning includes outdated language XML files (Version <=8.7.x) we strongly recommend to use most recent language XML files,
which you can find included (/snomlang) in the corresponding customization files below. The old language files have compatibility issues that result in e.g.: defect menu presentation in display.

Firmware Files

Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256-checksumDownload Link
715 / D71524MB0d8a3d0ee70d82c26f645193a726d2c91a8498ed6e7b1607b73e2d9ad52dfd2b

Customisation Files

Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256-checksumDownload Link
715 / D7152MBdf2f9fa28c08f2e79f2a7f06675d13b93803ce0f4c380181c5a5bf1ff7ec29a5

VPN Feature

Since Firmware version the VPN feature is no longer shipped with the default firmware due to security considerations. If you want to enable the VPN feature you have to install the VPN patch, following the download links.

Important Notes

  • a network recovery will remove the VPN feature
  • starting with firmware version, the VPN patch version must be aligned with the phone firmware
  • if the VPN patch is installed when you update the phone, updating the VPN patch is not needed
Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256-checksumDownload Link
715 / D7151MB5c8620afd2cfc69660e2713043b28ad3deb0a43b9c1d050be9c27774abcd6b54