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Version from 25.03.2022


Reventix, the VoIP provider for sophisticated communication solutions and Snom, a leading developer and manufacturer of VoIP telephones, have been successfully linked by a close partnership for many years. Companies that combine reventix virtual telephone systems with Snom telephones, which are very easy to put into operation, benefit permanently from a powerful and extremely interoperable premium solution for unified communications. The more than 170 functionalities of the reventix telephone system can be conveniently used via plug & play in combination with Snom telephones.

The IP telephones from Snom, like the virtual telephone system from reventix, are designed to make telephony and communication in companies simple, efficient and cost-effective. The products of both manufacturers are based on the open SIP standard, offer a comprehensive range of functions and go far beyond the traditional telephone systems in their variety of uses. They offer a cost-effective and rewarding investment at a time when large telephone providers are under massive pressure with their proprietary systems.

Step 1: Reventix platform.

Log in to Reventix platform and go to VPBX section.

Step 2: Configure extension

Step 3: Add Snom device to extension.

Find your extension and enter  to detailed view

Find “End device” section and “Add Phone to extension”

Chose SNOM from vendors list and your phone model.
Add MAC address of your device and click “Add phone”

Step 4: Device configuration.

After all the steps on Reventix platform your provisioning is ready.
All you need to do is to restart device and wait for phone boot.
You will be asked for choosing phone language and 6 digits authorization code which you can find in VPBX -> Extensions section.

Provide your code to device (in our example it is 123456) and confirm it.
Now device will reboot again.
Download new software for Reventix platform and after final reboot device will be ready for work in your environment.