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Technical details


  • Initiate outgoing call = yes

  • Answer incoming call = yes

  • Hold/Retrieve = yes

  • Transfer = yes

  • Call waiting = yes

  • Do not disturb = yes

  • Call Conference = yes (Ad-Hoc Conference)

  • Call Park

  • Voice Messages Center

  • Call Forward and divert = yes

  • Intercom (HS to HS)

  • Called, calling, and connected party information = yes

  • Missed-call notification = yes

  • 1-touch speed dial = yes

  • Redial = yes

  • Zero touch provisioning, management, configuration and remote debugging = yes with SRAPS ( See more informations here)


  • Background Upgrades = yes

  • Dynamic Search of Network Based Directory = yes

  • BLF

Innovaphone Reverse Proxy ready

  • STUN = yes

  • TURN = No

  • ICE = No

  • SIP/TCP = yes

  • SIP/TLS = yes

Supported Codecs

  • G.722 = yes

  • G.711 A-law = yes

  • G.711 y-law = yes

  • G.723.1 = yes

  • G.729A = yes

  • Opus = yes

Installation of Innovaphone PBX

Connect the left ETH0 socket on the device to a PoE switch via an Ethernet cable. As soon as it is connected to the power supply, the unit is switched on and the LED marked Ready lights up.

Normally, the device will get an IP address assigned by the DHCP server in the network. To access the web user interface to configure the PBX, type in this IP address into your web browser and insert the username and password. 

If you do not have a DHCP server in your network, you can access the device by typing in the MAC address into a browser (e.g. http://0090331e16b8), or you factory reset the device.
After the reset, both Ethernet ports will have static IP addresses ( (ETH0) or (ETH1)).

Press the reset button with a pointed object (e.g. a ballpoint pen).

Network configuration

Under "IP4/ETH0/IP"  you can change the network settings for the first network card ( ETH0 ).


To activate it, first deactivate "DHCP" under "IP4/ETH0/DHCP":

A reset is then necessary. This can be initiated under "Maintenance/Reset".

PBX License & Test mode

Before you can add new phones to your Innovaphone PBX, you need to first activate your license or if you want to test it without a license, activate the test mode.

  • To upload your license file or activate the test mode go to "General/License".

  • If you have a license click on "Select file" and then on "upload".
  • If you want to activate the test mode, press "Test Mode". In test mode the Innovaphone PBX will accept registrations for 8 hours. After that, you will need to upload a license or activate the test mode again.

Adding new users

Go to "PBX/Ojects", select "User" and click on "show".

An overview list of all users (devices) appears.

Now click on "new" and the following window will appear:

There are a few things to consider here:

  • The "Name" field and the "Hardware ID" field must have the same value or content.
  • The "Number" field contains the telephone number. This same number is used in the "Account Field" in the web interface (WUI) of your snom phone under "Identity 1".
  • Please provide a strong enough password for the account. 

Configuration of the Snom phone

Please make sure your phone is set up correctly.

Please check in advance that your phone has the latest stable firmware version installed.

If the phone has been in use before, please reset it to factory defaults to avoid that previous settings prevent a correct functioning of the phone.

Enter Snom Webinterface
  • Since auto provisioning is not supported by the Innovaphone PBX, the Snom Phone needs to be set up using its web user interface (WUI). To access the phone, type the IP address of your phone into your internet browser (e.g.
    To find out the IP address of your phone press the Configuration key (gear wheel symbol) → "Information" → "System information".

    For more Information, click here.

 Register a SIP account

  • First select the " Identity 1 " menu item on the left-hand side and enter the user ID and password you entered into the innovaphone PBX.
    • Displayname: testphone1
    • Account: 100 (telephone number)
    • Password: 123 (as assigned in the Innovaphone)
    • Registrar: (IP Adress of the Innovaphone)
  • Click on "apply " below.

The phone configuration is now complete. Your Snom phone is now successfully registered on the Innovaphone PBX and can make and receive calls.

Please note the time limit of 8 hours if you are running in test mode. After this time the phone will be no longer registered.

Backup the configuration of the Innovaphone PBX

You can export the configuration of your Innovaphone PBX in a config file.

Go to "Maintenance/Diagnostics/Config-Show". A complete list is displayed there. Select the whole list from top to bottom and copy the content into a text file.

Resetting the Innovaphone PBX

If for any reason it seems necessary to restart the Innovaphone PBX or reset it to factory settings, we will show you how to do this here:

  • Restart with receipt of the configuration data:
    • A short reset restarts the device. The reset button must not be pressed for more than one second.

Restart with resetting the configuration to factory settings:

  • For this purpose, a long reset is carried out, whereby the reset button is pressed for more than 20 seconds. This erases the flash memory of the device and resets it to the factory settings.
  • It then switches to TFTP mode. Depending on the size and use of the flash memory, this process can take up to 60 seconds. The LED of the device flickers until the memory is completely erased.
  • Please do not carry out another reset during this time and do not interrupt the power supply.
  • If the flickering has gone out and the LED lights red, please disconnect the device from the power supply briefly.
  • The device is now in factory state and can be accessed again via its IP address or the NetBIOS method.

Restore the configuration

If you access the admin UI via browser, please go to "Maintenance/Upload/Config" and upload the backup config file.

  • You might see a message "Lines skipped". You can ignore that.

Then perform a reset of the box as requested (click on Reset button). 

After the restart the Innovaphone PBX will have the restored configuration.