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Please make sure your phone is set up correctly.

Please check in advance that your phone has the latest stable firmware version installed.

If the phone has been in use before, please reset it to factory defaults to avoid that previous settings prevent a correct functioning of the phone.

Enter Snom Webinterface
  • Since auto provisioning is not supported by the Speedport, the Snom Phone needs to be set up using its web user interface (WUI). To access the phone, type the IP address of your phone into your internet browser (e.g. To find out the IP address of your phone press the Configuration key (gear wheel symbol) → "Information" → "System information".
    For more Information, click here.

Configure snom identity:

  • First select the menu item "Identity 1" on the left side and enter the access data on the first tab "Login" for user ID and password.
    • Account: (phone number with area code)
    • Password: corresponds to PPPoE password
  • Add a display name to the configuration.
  • Enter "" at Registrar.
  • Click on "Apply" below.


  • Switch to the tab "NAT" and enter the following data:

  • If you now click the button "Apply" below, your Snom Phone should work immediately.
    The basic setup is now complete.

  • Of course, you can still customize things like the ringtone,
  • or the telephone / web interface language under the menu item: "Preferences".
    By default, the phone and web interface language is English.

For the direct configuration of a snom phone on any router (without SIP-Registrar feature) on a telecom connection you need the following configuration:

For a standard All-IP connection of the Telekom it is the following :   

  • Account: (telephone number with area code)
  • Password: corresponds to PPPoE password
  • Registrar:
  • Outbound proxy: (Mostly optional)
  • If required a STUNS server (optional) = Stunserver: