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This article contains the USB HID commands that are supported by Snom headsets and conference phones. This documentation helps PBX and softphone vendors to enhance their application, let it be native or written in Javascript using Web HID, to control and be controlled by the Snom device connected via USB port.

In order to not limit the use of our devices only to certain applications, and provide the best possible interoperability options "on-board", all of them are mode compatible with the USB HID Specification. However, we do use some proprietary commands which are not described neither in the consumer nor in other sections. These are mainly used for some device related actions, like firmware upgrade.

Supported USB devices

A100, A330, C300

Our Vendor ID (VID) is 0x251c. This can be used to determine if a Snom device is connected to the USB.

If a device does not support an input or output report it is marked directly at the command. As you can see below, Snom devices are supporting not only the Telephony Page (0x0B) of the USB HID specification, but also the Consumer Page (0x0C), enabling the products to be used as a "normal" headset or speaker.


Considering input

Input is considered as a button press, or basically a signal which is initiated by the device, or by the person using the device. These signals are encoded within reports, according to the USB Specification, accessible on


  • 0x0c Consumer Page
    These are effective on the operating system level. Typically for standard media player.



    Volume IncrementRTC: Sent from the device to the host to signalise the volume incrementA330, C300
    0xEAVolume DecrementRTC: Sent from the device to the host to signalise the volume decrementA330, C300

  • 0x09 Button

    0x01Button 1Sent from the device to the host to reject an incoming callA330, C300

  • 0x0b Telephony
    These commands should be supported by the telephony application running on the host.

    0x2FMute / UnMuteOOC: Sent from the device to the host to enable / disable MuteA330, C300
    0x20Hook SwitchOOC: Sent from the device for hook switch

    A330, C300

    0x72DNDOOC: Turns DND on/off

    A330, C300


Considering output

Output, among audio or video is considered also as representation of a status. This is mainly done using LEDs, or any other representation of a status change.

  • 0x08 Led
    LED control will enable or disable the LEDs on the headset and on its controller, to show if the headset (the user) participates in a call.

    0x17HookOOC: Turn on / off Hook LEDA330, C300
    0x18RingOOC: This signalizes ringing to the headsetA330, C300
    0x09MuteOOC: Host to Headset to turn on MuteA330, C300

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