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  • Scrambled menu or missing menu entries after upgrade from 8.x to 10.x


Please note:

The issues described here are solved by the phone firmware itself with versions => The suggested workarounds are only required if you operate on older V10 firmware.

If your phone menu looks scrambled (texts appear on top of each other), you may experience one of the following problems:

The phone is provisioned with old language settings

This would look something like this:

Language files from 8.x are not compatible with the ones from 10.x. To solve this problem please change the provisioning files (or ask your provider to do this) to the language XML files that match your firmware version.
You can find these included (in the snomlang directory) in the corresponding customization files on the firmware download page for your firmware version.

A deprecated setting with incorrect effect

This would look something like this:

To fix this, open the phone's web interface and then under Preferences -> Appearance,
check setting "Show Image in Calls" .
In case this is "off", please set it to "on". This is a deprecated setting, we will remove it in the next release.