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  1. Modify the "Lunch Ringer.bat" accordingly

    1. If you are not using Google Chrome as your browser you will need to change this parameter: SET BROWSER=chrome.exe
    2. You will need to modify the IP address and enter the IP address of your PA1.
    3. You can use any ringtone you want. I have ringtone 9 set for the PLAY_RINGER command.

      Lunch Ringer.bat
      @ECHO OFF
      SET BROWSER=chrome.exe
      START %BROWSER% -new-tab ""
      @ping -n %
      WAIT_TIME% -w 1000 > nul
    You can also create a custom ringtone if you would like and use it by doing the following;
    How do I apply customized ringer melodies and what is the required format
    1. Use the custom_melody_url setting and point to the .wav file hosted on an HTTP Server. You can set the setting using this format
    2. Setup the custom melody with a unused Identity. 
    3. Then modify the batch file to use the custom ringtone, in this example it will be for Identity 4 (admin:admin is the username:password of webUI):

      Lunch Ringer.bat
      @ECHO OFF
      curl -u admin:admin --data "PLAY_RINGER:1=Play+Ringer" ""
  2. Once you have the batch file script created, use Windows Task Manager on your Laptop, PC or Server to run the script daily at the time of your choosing.
  3. Go to Start > Run and enter taskschd .msc

  4. Once the Task Scheduler is open select the Action "Create Task"

  5. Give the Task a name, select "Run whether user is logged on or not"

  6. Next, select Triggers and then New to create a New Trigger.

  7. You can now create the schedule for when you want the script to run and have the PA1 play a tone.

     Daily at noon time the script will activate the ringer on the PA1

  8. Once the Trigger is created you must create the Action and link it to the Lunch Ringer.bat file.

  9. Click on "Actions" and then select "New" to create the "New Action"

  10. Click "Browse" and select the "Lunch Ringer.bat" file

  11. Once selected click "OK".

  12. This will bring you back to the Actions screen of the Task Scheduler. Click "OK" to complete the creation of the Task.

  13. You may be prompted for the "Admin/User password" for the account to grant permissions to run the script. Enter the password.

Note: The custom ringer will start working via the command .bat after the second time, per PA1 power on. Thereafter it will continue to work via command as expected, so long as the PA1 stays powered on.
The custom ringer will play for the duration of 1 ring as predefined in the PA1 programming, which is roughly 3 seconds. If the wav file is less than three seconds, the ring will still fulfill the 3 seconds, thus your wav file will appear to play once and then partially starting again, with a cut off.