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The phone starts very slowly and waits for a response from SRAPS - Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service. This is the first of a list of services that are prompted for provisioning information when the phone is starting (Provisioning Order).

This issue occurs, when the telephone can resolve the host, but can not reach it, because the firewall drops the packages without replying by ICMP "not reachable".
Such problem does not occurs, if the firewall rejects the packages and sends an answer.


  • Possible Solution 1: Don't provide DNS resolution for
    The phone does not try to reach SRAPS, however works only if there is no DNS relay.

  • Possible Solution 2: If you do not want to work with SRAPS and/or avoid the error, forward the address "" to an internal IP address.
    The phone seeks the contact to a HTTPS Server. This server will refuse the connection, or the file. Or, the phone will refuse to talk to the host, since the certificate of the server does not match. As soon as the phone receives a rejection, it jumps to the next item in the list of provisioning services (Provisioning Order).

After successful provisioning we advice to change the parameter "provisioning_order" by removing the redirection and to set the parameter setting_server to the appropriate URL.
The defaut is "provisioning_order=redirection:stop pnp:stop dhcp:stop tr69:stop"