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  • Dynamic Translation via Provisioning


<dyn-languages> provisioning tag is used to customize single translation labels in the phone menu.

This feature is available starting with version

Label names

A complete list of label names can be found under Firmware Update Center:

  • click on the version that your phone is running
  • download the Customization Files for your model
  • extract the archive
  • browse to the languages directory
  • open one of the gui_lang files, either gui_lang_EN.xml or the one for your language if you prefer
  • search in the file for the text that you wish to replace
  • take the value under n="...", and remove the "lang_" part at the beginning
  • for example, the label for text "Preferences" is "preferences_settings":

See also Function_Keys.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

After applying the settings:

Below you can download the example settings file: