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  • Unable to downgrade Snom720


Problem Description

A potential issue can affect the Snom 720 during certain firmware downgrade: after the downgrade start the phone stuck without ending the procedure. Is still possible to recover the device performing a TFTP recovery.


In order to address this issue we re-released some 8.7.3 firmware builds.

The re-released 8.7.3.x FW images are identical to ones they supersede, they are just smaller in file size by a removal of redundant files, so the build itself remains unchanged.

If you are locally hosting the Snom 720 firmware images please make sure to update your 8.7.3 fw binaries to the new re-release.

Re-Released binaries:

VersionURLMD5 Checksum


  • Q: I already did the downgrade and now my phone is not usable, what should I do?
    A: You can recover the device following the TFTP recovery procedure.

  • Q: How can I verify if my PBX is providing the the "new" binary or the old one?
    A: You should verify the MD5 checksum of the file, on Windows operating system you can use the FCIV utility, on Linux or Mac/OSX you can check the MD5 hash using the md5sum command.